Node-Red ESPeasy and RF24 talking each other

  • I am using Node-Red under RPi with some ESP8266 nodes working with ESPEasy exchanging MQTT messages.
    Because there still are 5 nodes out of WIFI range, i decided to use some nRF24 with PA and LNA. I know that i could use some Extended WIFI Range devices but we must forget this option for now.

    I was reading Mysensors and found that ESP8266 Gateway might be a bridge between RF24 telegrams and Nodered.
    Am i right or am I forgetting something?

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    Yes, you can make an esp8266 ethernet gateway that is supported by node red

  • I found a solution to my problem. Just i had to read a little more.
    Node-red is working fine with ESPEasy as firmware of ESP8266-12 over WIFI.
    Then i added a Bridge using a ESP8266 Gateway.
    I downloaded MySensors 2.1.0 library and built each new sketchs.
    I had to learn about how to program them using examples. It was easy.
    Then add node-red mysensor module to RPi and I wrote the flows. Easy too.

    My new system is mixing ESPEasy and RF24 with MySensors and is working under Node-Red.

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    Can you share something about your flow?

  • Ok I'm going to share my solution but mixs too many things.
    Node-red with MySensors module installation
    ESPEasy for nodemcus
    MySensors for Arduino NANO + nRF24L01

    I will edit this post to add flow and codes.

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