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  • Hello people smarter than I,

    I have a very simple issue. I cannot figure out what software to go with to manage and use my MySensors network.

    My current automation system includes tons of x10 devices (and I have them all working very well) and I'm running it on Homeseer 3 Pro.

    I poured tons of cash into buying arduinos and parts to build a MySensors network, only to find out that the Homeseer plugin is essentially dead and there's no way to make it work without an egregious number of headaches. So, I'm turning to you guys for advice on where to go next.

    I have very simple needs, I want to monitor very basic information from MySensors nodes, like temperature, barometric pressure, light levels, motion, etc. I only need a web interface or other portal that can be published to the web to see this information. If I could integrate the info into Homeseer, that'd be great.

    I have already built a serial gateway, and so would prefer to just continue with that. However, if I must build an MQTT gateway or other gateway, I reluctantly will do so.

    So, given these parameters, what would you use?

  • Thanks dirk,

    I was looking at that as a viable solution. Do you have any experience setting it up? It looks easy on the surface, but they all do.

    I'm considering OpenHAB, at the moment, too, as I have a spare RPi laying around.

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    Consider also domoticz, for beginners it's very easy to get started

  • @iamtheghost if you are looking for a universal solution, openhab2 is worth a closer look. MyController is focusing on MySensors only, but for this scenario, I find it useful. Simple installation, easy to use.
    I've tried openhab 1.7 with my devices but it uses far too much resources on my raspberry 2. consider a platform with at least 2GB of ram.
    So I switched back to FHEM as this is the only solution supporting my old FS20/FHT devices. UI definitively needs some polish and I really don't like perl, but I still have these old devices. MySensors is fully supported in FHEM.

  • cheaper: openhab with linux or raspian,can be easy if its the only one controller.
    easiest: vera . I use it for more than 4 years and was the beginning of mySensors adventure. one gw and just copy and paste code from already made sensors.

    now im importing vera stuff to openabe to be like an remote of vera. Vera weak point its the webinterface

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    Openhab is only difficult to learn the language for making the user interface

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