android mobile or windows pc for control?

  • Hi everyone .im new to arduino and i want to use mysensor library and control sensors in my project. without hardware like vera or rasber pi, i want to connect arduino directly to windoaws pc with serial gateway and use one of the controllers like openhab, ago control,... when my pc is on .but i cant find how to. i must install for example ago control?

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    Have you tried following the links? E.g.

  • thank you for your reply but i cant find anything there 😞
    i checked this page and it say "Install the agocontrol-mysensors package", i searched but cant find anything. and in there isnt any windows installtion pakage.
    i want to know for IOT network i need an addtional hardware like vera? cant i use a pc and serial gateway? or a cloud service and ethernet gateway? in a serial gateway i can use a bluetooth instead for USB and connect it to my android tablet?
    i worked fine with arduino but i cant understand this. i wonder this is maybe too much for a begginer like me (0_0 ')

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    They only seems to have pre-compiled linux packages. So unless you want to compile it yourself you have to look for some other controller.

    I'm not running windows myself so I'ts kind of hard to help you. Homeseer was recently added to the list of supported controllers and I think it can run on windows without too much fuss.

  • tanks. im going to check it.

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