Raspberry PI3 MQTT GW stopping

  • Guys, I am running a mysensors gateway directly on a PI3, but I am stuck solving an issue I have been encountering.

    All is fine connecting, getting and sending data, FW updates (using MyController) for the first +/- 24 hr. After that however, it seems the GW hangs and only a reboot returns it to life. I dont know how I can find a log for the mysgw service, so for now I have been restarting the service and all works again for a while. Obviously not ideal... can anyone give some pointers where to start digging?

    My setup:
    OpenHAB2 + mqtt binding
    mysgw service v2.1.1 (setup using the tutorial)
    All running directly on RPi3

    Currently a total of 5 sensors is connected, but the #sensors seems no factor..

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this!

  • Mod

    Have you tried latest 2.2.0 version?

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