Auduino Nano and Ethernet Gateway?

  • For the gateway I was powering both the ENC28J60 and the Radio with Auduino Nano 3.3v onboard power. What I noticed was that the Ethernet shield (ENC28J60) was powering but but not communicating with "check wires" message on the console. Putting a multi-meter on the Ethernet shield and the radio - they were only receiving about 1.5v - 2.0v. I also had a UNO and used that with the same exact setup - powering both with UNO's 3.3v onboard which fixed the issue and both Ethernet shield and the radio were now receiving around 3.3v and the gateway powered up and I was able to connect it to Vera.

    My question is that - is this a known issue with Nano? It would make sense that the Ethernet shield be powered separately from a 3.3v supply but I didn't see any notes on the Ethernet Controller page so wanted to check. I am assuming that UNO was able to provide more stable power to these devices.

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