Help to Build a Sensor with Arduino Pro 3V

  • Hello!!
    I tried to build a first battery sensor with an Arduino Pro Mini 3V but feeding it with 2 1.5V batteries the sensor will not work !!
    But do I need to use a Step Up Boost Module or do I just follow the directions on this page ???

    link text

  • depends on the sensors, some works with 3v some does not and they require boost converter. You will find everything in sensor datasheet.

  • No firm !! What does not work and Arduino Pro Mini at 3V.
    Do not start with two 1.5V batteries.
    To work it requires at least 3.3V

    How do I do it to make it work with two 3v batteries?

  • arduino should work with 3v without any modifications, something other must be wrong.

  • Discovered the problem !! I fed through the "RAW" pin while feeding through the VCC

    Ok is now working

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