Atmega sleeping: power consumption lesser with 10uF capacitor

  • Hi to all,
    background: spare Atmega328 @8MHZ / 3.3v, BOD disabled.

    2XAA feed about 2.70 when full charge. Voltage divider to read them, power to a booster to 3.3v.
    Sleeping for all time, every 10 minutes read a SI7021 and sends volt+temp+hum to gateway via NRF24L01 (time, about 5 seconds).

    So, all is powered via the booster.

    This is the schema, ready to print the PCB:

    alt text

    f I remove the 10uF capacitor placed near the batteries, power consumption when sleep is about 1mA.

    Too high for a powered battery!

    WIth that cap, power consumption on sleep is 78uA (microAmpere).

    Is it normal and... is it ok???

    Thank you very much!

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