Problems building a Raspberry Pi ethernet gateway

  • I'm trying to build the above, following instructions here:

    But I'm confused by the fact that the RPi branch here:
    says "DEPRECATED"

    Is it the case that the RPi code is now part of the master branch?

    I am trying to run a controller (openLuup) on the same board as the gateway. It appears to receive messages from the MySensors network, but inclusion fails (does nothing.) I'm somewhat at a loss as to how to proceed.

    It all used to work so well 18 months ago with earlier versions and an Arduino Gateway. Is it a problem that I am using the latest gateway version, but my sensors are running an old (1.4?) firmware version?

    Thanks for any guidance on this. It's quite a while since I did any Arduino development, so it's taking some time to get back up to speed. Lots seems to have changed (for the good!) in the meantime.


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    @akbooer yes the rpi code is now part of master branch.

    All nodes in a MySensors network need to use the same major version. So if you prefer to keep your nodes at 1.4 you need to use the deprecated version. I do that for some nodes that I don't see any benefit to upgrade.

  • Thanks so much for that, I did wonder. My nodes include a old SenseBender node and I don't have an easy means to update this, so looks like I'll go for the older version.

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