Problem requesting data from Domoticz

  • Back in April I built an LCD node to display data from other sensors, using @AWI “LCD Clock and Text sensor node with new VText” ( as a model. It worked perfectly, requesting data every 4 minutes from the controller using request(Data1_ID, V_TEXT, 1); . I then had to put the project aside for a few months due to other priorities. Now am looking to finish the node and find that it no longer works - it never receives data from Domoticz.

    I am confident the sketch works fine. To test, I used MysController to send a message with a temperature and the sketch/node received it and displayed the data correctly. Therefore I logically assume something changed in Domoticz. I believe there was an update to Domoticz around July. I am trying to determine what has happened, especially since I have not seen any other messages in the forum that complain about the “request” no longer working.

    My node presents itself, and two S_INFO children, Domoticz properly creates the node and children in the hardware tab under the gateway. The two devices then appear in the Settings -> Devices tab with IDX’s. I use the same LUA script I used months ago to update the new IDX’s, and they update correctly. BUT ….. I notice that under Settings -> Devices the text data updates, but under Hardware tab the Child does not show any data in “values” column.

    Shouldn’t the Hardware tab show values for each V-TEXT child? (Especially since the device updates correctly under settings tab.)

    Has anyone else seen this?

    Thank you for any ideas!

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    @novicit I was running the beta Domoticz and found the same thing. I rolled back to the stable version and requests worked once again.

    I have not updated domoticz for some time, running 3.5877 at present and this is working with requests.

  • @Boots33 , thank you for your input. Confirms for me that it is a Domoticz problem. Based on my quick research, Domoticz does not make it very easy to revert to a previous version once updated. Looks like I will have to attempt compiling an archive version, something I have never done before - and a challenge for my skill level. Thanks again!

  • I wanted to make sure this thread is correct. After a day of debugging I found the problem I was having.

    My sketch used the following:
    request(Data1_ID, V_TEXT, 1); The last variable (1) I believe is used to request an ack from the controller. Using MysController I was able to determine the 1 prevented MySensors from sending the request message somehow. When I changed it to 0, the requests were sent. Not sure if this is a bug, or intended.

    Also, I am using the current STABLE version of Domoticz, V3.8153, and it works fine in responding to the requests once I made the change above.

    Lastly, at least in the tab I was looking at in MysController, it never showed the response message going back from the controller to the node. Perhaps I did not look in the right place, or that is the way MysController is intended to operate. In either case the response messages were seen by the node.