Furnace Fire monitor

  • My home furnace of 20+ years just caught fire and blew melted black plastic smoke all over my house. by design my nest protect shut it down ASAP and we didnt lose the whole house.

    my question is. how would you go about monitoring the temp of the NEW furnace to prevent another overheat event?

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    I am glad that nobody was hurt in the accident. I don't really understand what is that Furnace you are referring to, but I'd put a mechanical thermostat the would cut power or whatever necessary to shutdown the furnace if critical temp is reached; then I'd use a simple temperature node to monitor the temperature and have a warning system in advance before things go bad and before the safety thermostat kicks in

  • the heater for my house started to overheat. I think I will put a high temp metal sensor the airflow just to watch it.

    Thanks. I too was happy nobody was hurt

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