How can I implement this?

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    I am doing a project which consists of having 9 cubes that form a puzzle. When a cube is positioned correctly it emits a green light, otherwise a red light. How can it be possible for a specific cube to know whether or not is in the right position?
    p.s I'm a beginner in Arduino.

    Thank you in advance!

  • @maggie Im assuming the cubes can be in any arrangement as long as faces touch flat. With 9 cubes you have 56 unique sides, if you had a magnet on each face so they make good contact, each cube would only need to know which face is connected to each of its 6 faces, maybe generate an interrupt when two magnets touch, the faces could exchange numbers.... lots to fill in to make this work, but it may be a start. Im not sure where mysensors code helps either.

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    In fact it is more arduino related rather than mysensors. Anyway you could have IR sending out the sides with a unique code and a receiver on all sides checks that it is receiving a specific code from the adjacent block. If you have a fixed board you could have the IR sending also from board to see if the position is right, but you can not know if it has been rotated in wrong direction. Good luck 😄

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    Hello, you can probably get some inspiration from this project made by students 😉

    GLiP Project - Demo – 02:22
    — Harken33

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