Dragino LoRA gateway serial console access

  • Hi,

    I have begin to play with the LoRA wireless network and can already handle the communication between a Dragino LoRa gateway and two LoRa nodes (Arduino Uno + LoRa shield)

    I don't have any problems for to handle the communication between Arduinos and the gateway but, if I can really easily read value given by Nodes (using only a cat /dev/ttyUSBx where they are connected on USB on my computer), I can't do the same thing with my Dragino gateway because it is to far from my computer 😞

    I actually display nodes acquisitions values on the Arduino 1.9.0-beta software via the serial console if my linux box is connected to the Dragino gateway via the network port eui-a8404... at

    Who can I direcly have the equivalent serial output with a simple ssh access for example ?
    (I handle already easily a ssh connection on the LoRa gateway but this is a shell access, not the serial console that I have on the Arduino software)

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