Sensebender Micro Mechanical design

  • Hi,

    I love the sensebender micro, having about five of them around the house measuring all kinds of things. Being able to buy the assembled PCB from the internet is great !

    The compactness of the design is nice for building really small sensors, but in my humble opinion has one mayor drawback. There is no easy way to mechanically fix the PCB into a housing. Not suprisingly, I haven't seen a compelling case designs for the sensebender micro yet. Most designs have the board and the batteries floating inside.

    I always end up fixing the naked PCB with two-sided tape to a wall or a to a piece of furniture, usually fixing the batteries right next to the sensor PCB in the same manner. The net effect being that my wife is becoming increasingly unsupportive of my MySensors hobby !

    May I suggest that for future designs the wife factor is taken into account ? Two diagonal holes to fit screws and some free PCB space underneath for supports would be very helpfull.


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