LCD node for the Build section.

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    One thing that is missing from my sensors build part is an LCD node, say I have a temperature sensor in the garage and want to display it on an LCD node in the kitchen. There are many projects that have an LCD display but nothing simple for the non programmer like me 🙂

    Thank you

  • @lawrence-helm many of the simple LCD modules such as the 1, 2 and 4 line modules work with a simple serial connection. So if you can understand how to send simple serial data, they are pretty easy to work with. You would Judy need to learn some simple things like setting the line and position to start text at, and clearing the screen. I don't think the guys would be opposed to putting an example in the build section. If you do some searches in the forum though you will find some examples there.

  • Thank you, I did find some examples, but when I tried removing and including code I would get a blank screen. But besides that, its a great thing to have under the build section. I'm sure others would benefit, making an awesome thing even better 🙂

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