New to MySensor, Gateway connector to Vera

  • I'm about to start my 1st MySensor project and have a few VeraPlus specific questions.

    My question is how the MySensor Gateway communicates with VeraPlus if I choose Wifi.

    Is the signal pathway:

    1. VeraPlus_Wifi <------------> MySensor Gateway


    1. VeraPlus <-------> system Wifi Router <------------->MySensor Gateway

    Also do folks have a recommended Gateway Hardware that is found to be the most Robust? I see ESP8266 or Sensebender mentioned a lot.

    Is Wifi connection the best choice for use with the VeraPlus? Or is it problematic?



  • @johnrob Welcome to MySensors. I have a VeraPlus and I have mine connected with an FTDI serial adapter. Is it the best method? I do not know. I have never tried a WiFi or ethernet gateway, so I cannot speak to those specifically, but my serial gateway works very well and has been very reliable. What type of nodes you plan on using will ultimately determine your primary gateway.

  • @dbemowsk
    Thank you for your reply.

    USB Serial was not my first choice for 2 reasons,

    • Currently I'm using the only USB port with a memory stick for datamine logs. I could use a hub if this was the only route
    • Being on the USB port requires the gateway to be near the VeraPlus, not the best for at least one of the planned sensors.

    My initial plans are: Oil Tank level sensor and a Bosch BME280 environmental sensor.

    I don't know what you statement "What type of nodes you plan on using will ultimately determine your primary gateway." is eluding to. Could you maybe give me an example of how a sensor node would affect the Gateway choice. Or maybe I don't know the meaning of you reference to "node".

    Thanks and have a very Happy New Year


  • @johnrob What I meant was, wired nodes will most likely use an ethernet or RS485 gateway, if you wanted to go wireless with your nodes, you could use the serial gateway with an nRF24L01+ (which is what I am using) or an RFM69 or similar. There is also the ESP8266 route. So depending on how you want to connect your sensors to Vera will determine what gateway you will need. The MySensors site has a page on how to select a gateway.

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