💬 ESP01-M AC-DC Relay Multi-Puropse

  • I've uploaded the first version of a very small ESP01-M board with integrated Relay and exposed relay PCB traces. I'm really excited about this board because it is really small (54mm x 37mm)
    I created a library object to support soldering the ESP01-M directly to the board. This worked perfectly! Unfortunately I got the pin #'s backwards for pins 10-18. So in this PCB GPIO5 is really GPIO14. Thank goodness all necessary pins to program and power up the ESP-01m were 1-9 and not impacted. I've already corrected this for V2.

    However I'm hoping someone can take a look at the SCH and board in Eagle. I have something wrong with the PC817 Optocoupler. Well at least this is what my troubleshooting tells me. If I remove the PC817, and put a jumper wire across pins 1 and 3, the relay works. I also replaced the 2n7003-SOT23 with a 2N7000 to92 (with lead wires soldered to PCB) and it still doesn't work.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. The Transistor I'm using is 2n7002 SOT23.

    Hoping to get this corrected and send to the FAB asap.


  • Admin

    Did you forget to publish the image/board files for the project? You'll find it in the "Files"-tab.

  • yeah! just did. thanks

  • Would someone be so kind an take a look at the board and schematic. I have an issue somewhere with the optocoupler and or transistor. Currently that is not working. However if I remove the PC817 Optocoupler and put a jumper wire between pins 1 and 3, it works.

    Any Assistance is greatly appreciated.

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