💬 In-wall scene controller OLED keypad

  • I just ordered a batch of 5 of these to test them. I will post back the results.

  • So I received the boards today and they are looking good. I am still waiting on the OLED displays. I ordered one SPI version and one I2C version of the displays to test them out. It would be possible to use all switches as a 9 button scene controller. In the mean time, here is a pic of a couple possible switch configurations that can be done. To set up what display you are using, install jumpers in J3 through J6. The yellow shows the SPI configuration and the red shows the I2C config.
    I just noticed that I have the VCC and GND pins labeled wrong for the SSD1306 SPI display. The pin order is GND, VCC, CLK, MOSI, DC and CS. The traces on the board should be correct for this configuration. I will make the change in the gerbers and re-upload them.

  • So I am to the point of writing the first MySensors sketch for this that will work with my VeraPlus controller. My dilemma is this. I plan to have data working in both directions for the scene controller. For the 3 switches, I am just sending boolean data back to the controller. But I also wan t to pull data from the controller. I want 4 things from the controller, the current time, the temperature from the temp sensor in the room that it will be in, the temp from the outside sensor and the current weather condition from my weather plugin. The switching I have figured out. The time also won't be that hard. The part I am looking for help on is the temps and weather data. I realize that I may have to use some lua code to do some of this, but cant figure out the best way to do this.

  • I have finally gotten back to this project and created a working sketch that communicates with my Vera controller. I have this set up as a 3 button on/off (6 switches on the board) and have that working successfully with Vera. I also have my Vera sending temperature data back to the OLED display. It alternates between the outside temp and room temp for my master bedroom where the switch is located. I have posted the Arduino sketch under source code here.

  • I know this is old but this is exactly what I am looking for. When I goto the openhardware.io page for this I cant seem to buy the board. Would you be able to correct the post so that it is linked to a purchase option?

  • @Michael-Link I have been out of touch with MySensors for some time now and looking to slowly get back into it. I created this and a few other boards back in 2018 All of the GERBER files for this are in the "Design Files" tab. Those you should be able to send to JLC PCB or one of the other fab houses and have some made. This was designed to be used with 2 other boards that I designed. There was the processor board and the power supply board. The processor board was designed in a way that I could use a couple different switch boards. This one and a universal multi-switch board that had multiple configurations. If you look here you will see my other boards.

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