Ocr for Arduino or raspberry question

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    I would like to start a project reading the fruit tray labels, so I can scan the weight and see if they're overcharging me.
    The idea would be to pass a tray of fruit underneath the camera and have it photographed... so that the whole purchase and then be able to read the labels.
    Has anyone done anything similar? I don't know how to start,

    Thank you very much


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    How about a barcode reader app for your smartphone?

  • Hi @gohan

    The idea is to read the products non stop...I would like to use a slide with a sensor that detects the tray and make the photo. More than 30 per minute


  • @ecabanas
    Sounds like vision...

    google: vision automation

  • Mod

    yes, that is an industrial automation using computer vision, no way you can do it with an arduino.

  • @boozz said in Ocr for Arduino or raspberry question:

    google: vision automation


    DOes anybody knows if it's possible to use a raspberry with google vision? or any project similar to inspire to me?

    Thank's guys

  • The scale have to be calibrated, The scale in a shop MUST be calibrated by an authorized company once a year, maybe every second year.
    So if you will check up against your own scale, then you actually don't know if your scale is measuring correct.
    In Denmark DANAK is the authorized certification authority. They can grant other companies the right to execute calibration

  • @ecabanas I am pretty sure you can compile OpenCV to run on the PI. I built a machine for my computer vision dev with a good video card so I could use the cuda cores build. Have you worked with any computer vision libraries? You will likely need a decent machine to do the processing. Maybe you could branch and build your own code base designed for the hardware you are considering. My experience is you have to do a lot of threshing of images, converting to gray scale, etc to do what you want. Your project is probably a little ambitious for a starter. You probably want to dl OpenCV and play around with the samples and take a look at some youtube videos for starters.

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