• Hello,

    Today I present MyProject 😂 gdomotics

    It's a simple homemade board with those specifications:

    Size : 29.8 x 44.8 mm

    Content :

    • Atmega328p
    • RFM69
    • SI7021
    • APDS-9306
    • Sensor power on/off
    • Led
    • Optional : Flash
    • Optional : Atsha204a
    • Optional : Advanced low power management
    • Optional : External Battery measurement (voltage divider)
    • Optional : External pull-up for door switch
    • Some pin to add external sensors

    Started with a big board and removed everything on it but what I needed the most.
    I'm thinking about removing atsha, advanced power, external battery measurement because I will probably not use them. (atsha indoor is pretty much useless)
    Remove Flash too, if OTA is developed for RFM69 (I may try to help with this development)

    Actually connected to a raspberry 1 with MySensorsGateway + Mosquitto (Will probably move to WEMO or something else, raspberry not working well for the moment)
    My controller is Home Assistant

    I will not release any board/sketch before I feel the project is mature enough but...

    Today, I release my new libraries for SI7021 and APDS-9306 full rewritten from scratch with async programming in mind.

    And the photos :
    0_1518392794891_20180212_001513 (2).jpg
    1_1518392794891_20180212_001459 (1).jpg

  • Admin

    Nice, any links/pictures?

  • Mod

    I wouldn't ditch the Atsha204a and the flash chip as the first would help to ease up the mcu and flash gives better flexibility for OTA.

  • @hek pictures and library post link added

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