Openhab - MySensor Binding 2.2 0r 2.3

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    This is probably an old topic?? However, I would appreciate some help with the Openhab Mysensor Binding.
    I have been unsuccessfully trying to get MySensors binding to work with Openhab2. I do have the openhab programming running on a Raspberry Pi. I'm new to openHab2 and the Raspberry Pi and I'm on new learning curve when it comes to both openHab2 and the Raspberry Pi
    My original home automation project was with Vera and I had no issues implementing Mysensors Gateways, Sensor and Actuators with the Vera controller. I'm changer over because I'm tried of Vera always dropping out and being erratic with the Scenes I had programmed into the controller .

    I have successfully built an MQTT Gateway to work with Openhab2, I had a Ethernet gateway running with my Vera controller, and I have successfully established communications with all the sensors and Actuators I had running through the Ethernet gateway to Vera. The problem is I have is to manual code all my "Mysensor" sensors into openhab2. I assuming if I can get some help with implementing Mysensor binding into openhab2 it will have the discover and include features as the Vera Controller does.

    I've have spent several weeks reading through manuals, forums and posts trying to figure out what I need to do or what I'm doing wrong. So any help, from you all, would be great!


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    @donny152 The version 2.2 / 2.3 in the binding name represents the code base the binding is developed to. The current code base is 2.3 so this is the way to go. If you're starting out, just use 2.3.

  • @donny152 You should try OpenLuup. works great with mysensors and vera plugings and is very stable and you can use your vera as a zwave controler.,79.0.html

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