Horrible Gateway reboot

  • Hello everyone!
    I am currently experiencing a very strange problem. I will put them in context.
    I have developed a device to sense the pulses of an energy meter. I use an Arduino ProMini from 5v to 16Mhz and I communicate with a serial Gateway using a pair of radios NRF24L01. Additionally, I designed a board to power my Arduino through the residential AC voltage network.
    My problem is the following:
    When I connect the device to the FTDI and later to the PC, communication with the Gateway works perfectly. But as soon as I connect the device to the power board for the home electrical network, the device does NOT communicate with the gateway because it causes it to restart. I do not understand why the device, completely isolated to the PC, manages to restart my gateway. When looking at the gateway log, it simply shows that it begins to restart continuously. Can anyone help me? I have checked the Arduino input voltage and it is 5.1V, enough to power it and the radio. Any idea what the problem maybe? Thank you very much in advance for your help. : D

  • Just in case the Arduino you use for the GW is also equiped with an FTDI USB-serial chip:
    Check wheter the test pin is correctly set to GND. The TEST-Pin is # 26 on the FTDI-IC and can be soldered together with neighbouring AGND (PIN 25).
    Some background info: your controller resets the GW when connection to serial. If your board is suffering from this issue, TESTPIN bay be floating, and this finally leads to an endless reboot.

  • Hardware Contributor

    I assume your arduino pro mini doesn't have ftdi onboard as you're connecting one and it works with your pc (and mini in theory doesn't have ftdi).
    Can you give us more infos please ?

    • arduino ide version
    • arduino board version
    • which board do you use in arduino ide
    • which mysensors version
    • sketch
    • logs if you have some, it may be hard if it autoreset 🙂
    • what is your external powering board, hw etc. (photos, sch ??)
    • which bootloader, never changed it?
    • how do you measure your 5v input? multimeter only ? (in some case, you may not see micro drop voltage with multimeter only)
    • have you tried changing power supply wire. if you use dupont cable, sometimes there are bad ones for example.

    I may miss a few points. But these are needed, else we can't help you just by speculating.

  • Hardware Contributor

    @proyectos-integrasoft as said above i think we need more information, but just out of my head it feels like when the radio is engaged with a incoming message it will begin to draw some power. This sounds like the power source isnt good enough. Can you try to power it from a USB adapter for example and try?

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