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    A static ID is not saved in eeprom. As a consequence, OTA bootloader will request new ID for bootloading, until the sketch takes over with the static ID.

    Resolution in MySensors.cpp / MySensor::begin procedure

    if ( (_nodeId != AUTO) && (nc.nodeId != _nodeId) ) {
    	// Set static id
    	nc.nodeId = _nodeId;
    	// Save static id in eeprom
    	eeprom_write_byte((uint8_t*)EEPROM_NODE_ID_ADDRESS, _nodeId);

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    Thanks, will be added.

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    Same for static parent node id in MySensors.cpp / MySensor::begin procedure:


    if ( (_parentNodeId != AUTO) && (nc.parentNodeId != _parentNodeId) ) {
    	// Set static parent id
    	nc.parentNodeId = _parentNodeId;
    	// Save static parent id in eeprom
    	eeprom_write_byte((uint8_t*)EEPROM_PARENT_NODE_ID_ADDRESS, _parentNodeId);
    	autoFindParent = false;
    } else {
    	autoFindParent = true;

    A general thought: If the parent node is not static (there are a few cases where static parent nodes make sense), it would be better to re-discover the closest node/repeater during each startup. This concept makes also more sense for OTA bootloading - you do not want to have an assigned parent node that is eventually down...

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    Agree, but I think the bootloader code size must be kept to a bare minimum (I didn't write that part).

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    @hek the findParentNode() part is already part of the initial OTA bootloader and only takes a few lines.

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    Haha.. ok. I see. someone should probably take care of the bootloader code while @ToSa is busy..

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