Motorola Focus Tag 4522A

  • I picked up some Motorola Focus Tags. These are part of their Hubble security camera system - I think they're used to identify things that move in the camera's view.

    They're 42mm discs with a CR2032 , button, a led, a piezo disc and, I think, a light sensor and an accelerometer. Processor is an nrf51822 CEAAE0.

    There are two other chips I can't identify. One has only the letters NAI (the N is stylised, could be a logo) and a QR code that's too small to read. It's quite thick - it's probably an accelerometer / gyro. 16 pins, I think

    The other is marked 2411 2276.1 UFC511. It has 20 pins and seems to be linked to what I initially took to be a light sensor but could be a chip antenna. In fact, given the PCB layout in the area (restricted ground plane) and the lack of any other antenna, it's probably a PA.

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