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    I know my idea is not really a sensor but as I have quite a few sensor nodes deployed I wanted to make it easy and reuse the framework.

    My challenge and I am a bit out of ideas is, I want to build a kind of remote control with multiple push buttons, in theory I have digital pins 2-7 available. This would be ok. However as it should be battery powered, I wanted to put it to sleep. But then a wake-up only works on D2/D3.
    Shift registers also do not seem to work, at least what I found out as it would not send the interrupt correctly to wake it up.

    The best I came up so far: motion sensor to wake it up and then go to sleep again after a certain time. But then it needs to be picked up and cannot be used when it is laying on a table.

    Any thoughts?


  • sometimes it is good to write it down...
    would it work, if I have the push buttons in series with some resistors on an analog input (to read which button was pressed, different values, based on resistance) and connect it in parallel to digital D2 to send the interrupt?
    That should work...

  • @parachutesj Yes, pretty sure it was @NeverDie who trialed a matrix within the last six months which did what you are looking for, you can search for it on the forum...
    EDIT - Found the thread, farther back than I thought

  • Why sleep?
    Switch it completely off.
    Use button with two pairs of contacts.
    One pair on each button connect battery + pole with processor power pin.
    Second pairs to different inputs pins.
    You push button, processor will start execute program, immediately read inputs status,
    then send command and when you release button, it will be switched off.
    If you need longer processing time and do not want hold button all this time, then processor can hold power itself by logical output with connected transistor. When work will be done, then switch itself off.
    Your car remote key works the same way.

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