Best solution for multiple frequencies?

  • Hi all,
    I'm starting from scratch and like to setup a system running both 433MHz(RFM69) and 2,4GHz(NRF24).
    The reason is that I want to be able to make my own DIY mysensors sensors and actuators in parallel of using standard units in common stores (Nexa, Ikea, etc).
    There is also a good chance that I'd like to play around with BlueTooth and z-wave later on.

    I'm leaning towards running OpenHab. (Alternatively Domoticz or HA).
    (I have already a Synology NAS, a Z-stick and an R-PI 3 laying around.)

    So - How do I go about things? Browsing the forum I can't come to any conclusion.
    How would YOU set it up in the easiest, most stable and flexible way?
    Using all arduino? RPI? Where to run the controller? Separate GWs for each protocol/freq?

    An idea:

    • RPI or Synology running the controller (OpenHAB)
    • GW1: Arduino Nano + RFM69, connecting to controller via USB
    • GW2: Arduino Nano + NRF24, connecting to controller via USB
    • Z-stick connected to controller via USB

  • Despite beening not familiar with any of the mentionned controllers, having multiple serial GW's seems not to be a big issue imo.
    Atm, I'm running 7 USB-connected IO devices (4 of them for MySensors) on FHEM without trouble. The only point to keep in mind is how to address all these devices and not to mess things up. To achieve this, I just address all of the GW's with their "/dev/serial/by-id/<identifier>" path.
    So when buying Arduinos, don't use more than one with CHG340 USB-serial converters (often to be found on the cheap chinese Nano clones) but chips that can be identified by an individual serial number (may need some more work in case of e.g. CP2102 chips that come by default without serial number but can easily be programmed).

  • Another way to get multiple frequencies is to use network based gateways. Check out these projects:

    I have serial gateways for NRF24 and RFM 69, but added a LoRa RA-01 Wemos-D1-Mini with no issues.

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