Rgb leds lights not working normally

  • So a few days ago I bought a set of rgb leds lights to include on my gaming setup. I messured everything so I could cut the amount of rgb strip I needed and applied it on my desk. When I turned it one it was working fine, but , as soon I changed colors from blue to purple I noticed that a part of the strip didnt light up purple. Instead it was lighting up blue, so I changed to a different color and the same was happening on yellow a part of the strip lights up red and green, and on orange aswell. Does any of you guys know what this could be ? I've searched for hours and I havent been able to find anything regarding this issue. Hope to get help SOON!!!!!

  • @ッanteroッ Sounds like a break in the circuit somewhere.

    Check visually all connections. Check that no surface mounted components have come away or are not making good contact (I had a resistor in a LED strip that only worked when pushed down - a little resolder and it has been fine ever since).

    Also pay particular attention to the 'cut here' areas of the strip as they too can easily be damaged with too much flexing when fitting.

    If you have access to multimeter it will make tracking this down quicker, but essentially look from the power controller to the point where you loose the power. Chances are the issue is in that area.

    Good Luck!

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    @ッanteroッ this forum deals with MySensors, while your question does not seem to be related to MySensors at all. There are likely better forums to post such questions.
    My impression is you received a faulty LED strip, with bad connections making some parts light with a different color than expected. I suggest you take it back to the shop.

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