RPI GW as computer/server sensors node.

  • I just had this idea where I thought about adapting the Linux GW code for acting as a computer service for sharing to the mysensors network the internal sensors and/or PW consumption or on/off/sleep features of a headless server.
    What I don't like is the fact that as the coms would be easier through the existing lan, as opposed to implementing a radio, it would be in fact a new independent gateway.
    What do you guys think about? Perhaps someone already thought about this.

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    @sergio-rius I'm not completely sure what you want to achieve, but a gateway can also contain sensors. Could this be a way to go?

  • I think the Telegraph plugin for Influxdb can do this through the existing lan.
    I just had the default version running on a raspberry pi where my influxdb is installed. It reports cpu and memory metrics just for that pi, but it is designed to be able to monitor a server network. It sounds like it might be what you are looking for. There are plugins for different outputs, and there is one for MQTT.

  • I was thinking more on a service that also could monitor temperatures and control power. But for being able to do that, it must be running while the computer is down. And also, should be impossible to use the existing networking. So a complete node would be preferred. I guess the nrf52 dongle could be a nice candidate for this. Inserted on an internal USB port and perhaps also connected to the MB switches and LEDs port.

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