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  • I am wondering if anyone has ever created a tabletop scene controller similar to the ones sold by X10, but running MySensors? I would be happy with 4 or 5 sets of on/off switches. If you have created one, what did you use for an enclosure/buttons? I could 3D print something, but if there is some sort of enclosure with a keypad that you can buy, I may go that route.

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    How about using a 433Mhz remote control? I'm working on a 433 MySensors gateway that can learn to recognise signals.

    Or how about a tablet?

  • @alowhum, I guess I wouldn't be opposed to the RF remote, but I am in the US, so it would have to be 915 and not 433MHz. If you know of a 915MHz controller like this, I may entertain the idea. I would need a way to bridge the 915MHz signals to either MySensors or to my Vera controller.

    As for the tablet idea, the plan is to have this in our master bedroom, so I don't know if my wife would go for a bright tablet. WAF is key in this one as she is the one that is going to be using it.I had some old X10 equipment in that room that was still working until recently when my old XPT switch like this one died.
    It was a perfect time to upgrade it to one of my new OLED scene controllers.
    MySensors OLED light switch – 00:42
    — Dan Bemowski

    This meant that I had to change out the controller that I had up in my ceiling fan/light. I have the scene controller working with the light and ceiling fan, now I just need the tabletop controller that she is used to.

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