DHT11 and Ethernet Gateway with enc28j60

  • Hallo.
    That's my first project with MySensor since so foar I have only tested different examples I found on internet,
    My project is to create a Temperature/Humidity sensor in each room of my house and then control the temperature of each room by using a dedicated electric valve for each radiator (interfaced with a MySensor node based on relay). As temperature/humidity sensor I have DHT11 and as gateway I have enc28j60. I'm using a Arduino Pro Mini 5v. The "brain" of the system will be a Raspberry PI 3 equipped with DomoticZ.
    First problem is how to combine the examples I have found in MySensors (DHT code and enc28j60 code) in a sketch. Can you help me or indicate where to find how to integrate two sketches (examples) in one?

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    @giangired https://forum.mysensors.org/topic/2597/combining-mysensors-examples should get you going I think. Try it, and if you run into trouble post information about the trouble and your sketch.

  • @mfalkvidd Thanks a lot. Effectively I did the same with DHT11 sketch and enc28j60 gateway sketch. The combined sketch has been successfully compiled and later on I will test it. I have a question: the temp and humidity values are sent through the Arduino serial link (correct?) by using the "send" instruction. Adding the enc28j60 gateway code, it is automatically send through the Etehernet link?

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    @giangired yes that is correct.