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  • I am working on a project and I need a sensor that will notifiy me when an object is close to it. I am thinking a proximity sensor would work. I want the sensor to trigger a light and or vibrate as notification. I also would like the sensor to be as thin ans small as possable. Any idea if a proximity sensor would do the trick? If you have any other ideas that would work please let me know and also let me know whaere I can purchase this type of sensor. Please remember it needs to be as thin and small as possable. Thanks.

  • I have used VL53L0X laser time-of-flight sensors for things like this. They work great, are inexpensive, and reliable. They're available for a few dollars from the usual Chinese suppliers.

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    If you can mount a magnet on the "thing" that comes in proximity, a reed switch is a compact solution.
    The APDS-9960 ir distance sensor is quite small and doesn't require anything to be mounted on the object to be sensed. I am using it in my kitchen light.

  • These are good suggestions. Is there anything in the shape of a rectangle? Something long and thin?

  • @rocksolid
    Have a look at a RCWL-0516 "radar" sensor. This fits exactly your latest specs you posted. It's a rectangle, long and thin.

    I'm using these sensors to detect the presence of living objects.


  • And now for the really dumb question. How do I power them? If I wanted to put it in a remote control for a TV how would I power it? Also If the remote was clear how would I get a little light to light up when the sensor detected an object in it's way? Could I also get it to vibrate?

  • I just realized one of the suggestions is a radar sensor. I should have said I was looking for a sensor that would detect objects like humans, trees, or poles, so I guess it would need to detect any object in front or around it that was close to it about 1 foot away. Sorry I should have mentioned that before.

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