Help on Micro:bit sensors IDEA

  • I am required to design a working prototype for my university course using a micro:bit provided. I am able to use additional hardware etc to make my project as needed.

    I had a few ideas based on the sample projects in the workbook of the "inventors kit".

    Would it be possible with the light sensor or sonar on a hand held device, to drag across someones face say. The sensor detects distance in some way, and presents the data as values

    11 12 15 19 15 12 11
    12 13 17 22 17 14 12
    13 12 15 23 15 10 13
    16 10 11 25 12 11 15
    16 12 15 20 15 13 15
    18 14 12 11 09 09 11

    And i can then behind the scenes simulate this data as colours associated to values.

    The idea behind this to prototype a 3d scanner.
    Obviously on a much bigger scale, it would be 1,000,000 times more accurate and link directly to 3d software. My project requirements are limited to a microbit.

    Is this possible to get distance values.

    the sonar i feel would be too large (therefore too inaccurate) for this project of a face.
    is there a way to measure light distance with a different feedback mech?

    sorry if its a "noob" question.
    I am Very new to electronics. more familiar with software code.

    feel free to throw ideas at me also!!

    The other 2 ideas i have which might be more realistic are:

    1. light sensors/sonar along an area to represent speed/distance travelled
    2. light sensors (like laser traps) that set an alarm off once tripped - but would make it more interesting.

    Help 😛

  • Plugin Developer

    Is it possible? Probably. but if you're new to electronics, this sounds like a very daunting task!

    MySensors is very good at getting sensor data into a database wirelessly. A database/system like Domoticz, for example, will let you create graphs from your data.

    Challenges to think about:

    • the 3D map will be very distorted.
    • you'll need to make software to do all this. Why not explore photogrammetry instead? There are great apps for that.

    My recommendation would be to just start with making a basic sensor (perhaps something already on the Micro:bit, like the motion sensor or the magnetic sensor), and get that data into Domoticz. That will spark new ideas, ideas that you will be able to more easily make. For example, you can get some data from place A and use it to actuate a motor/turn something on in place B. One of the first things I ever did was to create a disco lamp that turns on when the temperature reaches 26 degrees celcius. When it gets summer, it's time to party!

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