Debugging with Myscontroller

  • I am using ethernet gateway and can connect to it with Myscontroller.
    Can I view debug logs of the remote nodes using this method or do I need to carry on debugging each one with usb/serial converter?
    To debug the gateway with MyScontroller I guess I need to enable dubug in the gateway sketch?
    I do not use OTA updates. Still trying to get reliable communication between nodes and gateway without NACKS.

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    @grumpazoid - the problem is that if you have messages from the node not reaching the gateway, they will not be visible... If you have communication issues you must debug both the node and gateway. The comparison between them can be a hint as well.

  • @sundberg84 Thanks. I will aim to get both sets of logs. What I am asking is if this can be done with Myscontroller alone, or if I need to connect up my FTDI?

  • My understanding is that Myscontroller can only talk to the gateway, so if the node is not connecting to the gateway it will be invisible to Myscontroller. I am trying to resolve a similar situation, where I've burnt MysBootloader to a Arduino Pro Mini and it is not connecting to the gateway.

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