Bosch Wired Motion Detector (ISC-BPR2-WP12) -> How To Wire/Code?

  • As I am looking to begin testing a deployment of MySensors to a production environment, I have a Bosch wired sensor that I plan to use as the motions for my MySensor network. I have used these in the past extensively with alarm panels and they have good-to-great detection, especially for the money.

    Here's a schematic:

    I did some searching of the forum and still have some open ended questions. As these are commercially available wired motion sensors, I thought it may be helpful to have a topic on these (and wired motions from Honeywell, etc) to be able to use well with MySensors.

    Several questions:

    1. The Bosch has 2x NC contacts, I imagine so that I could connect the sensor to two different things if I wanted (for example my MySensors board + a nearby security camera). I am nowhere near an EE, so just need confirming that (per the schematic) this wires up basically identically to the HC-SR501 -> +, - and one of the NC's make it a 3 wire connection. Yes?

    2. The Interrupt stuff -> I have a Mega2560 with a W5100 Ethernet shield. D2 and D3 are consumed by the Eth shield. If someone can point to a MySensors sketch or howto showing the most elegant way to assign Interrupt to another pin, that would be great. I can find non-MS tutorials for this, but since I am in the MS framework (which I absolutely LOVE BTW), I wanna make sure I'm doing it the correct "MS" way.

    Thank you in advance!!!! 🙂

  • Interesting. The pet friendly settings might be useful in my house.

    A couple of thoughts.
    This sensor wants 12 volts. I have had bad luck with the cheap Chinese Pro-Minis I normally use. They advertise being able to use power up to 12 volts, but they fail quickly at that voltage. You will probably need to power the arduino differently from the sensor.
    I'm not that familiar with the Mega 2560, but it appears to have several additional interrupt pins over the regular arduinos. You would just have to pick one and use that in the software.

    Did a quick google and someone said the two "T" pins are tamper detection. The NC are motion detection. The tamper detection just tells you if the sensor case has been opened. The two NC terminals appear to be a normally closed switch contact. You could use a simple button setup like this:

    This setup doesn't use interrupts and instead polls the switch pin. The down side is you will not be able to sleep the node.

    There may be better ways, but the sample above would give you a quick way to experiment with it.

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