Would it be possible to run the MAX4466 with battery?

  • Hi!

    I'd like to build a noise sensor, which senses the noise level (ideally in some comparable unit... decibel?). My idea is to do this using the MAX4466 microphone chip.


    I'm not good at reading & understanding the specification sheets, but I guess I should find this information there:
    Would it be possible to run such a node with Arduino Mini Pro on battery power?

    Thanks for your help!

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    @benhub sleeping the pro mini, waking up every 10 minutest to listen for a second, send the level and go back to sleep would give you a few years battery life on 2xAA.

    It might be possible to use a voltage divider to be able to trigger an interrupt if the noise level is above a certain level.

    I think it would be pretty hard to convert the noise level to decibel accurately, but a rough estimate should be possible if you have something to use for calibration.

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    @benhub if you look at the datasheet of the MX4466 you can see that it's input current is a bit above 24µA which is ok for battery usage.
    But you have to include the current consumption of the microphone also, the one used only has a max value of 0.5mA @3V in the datasheet, so you can't make it a battery powered sensor with a very long battery life.

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