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  • Hi y'all,
    I am aware that Mysensors runs on many more platforms then just Arduino, however...

    Did anybody already try to run Mysensors on the Arduino (Nano) BLE Sense? This seems to be an ideal hardware platform, easy to use (Arduino DEV), stable Radio (Bluetooth 5), powerful CPU with quite a lot of memory and already some sensors on board. I am about two order two items to do some testing. Did anyone already look into this device?

  • @dk_iot to my knowledge MySensors runs only on Arduino platform (and not even every arduino). MySensors gateway also runs on linux.

  • This is an exciting development, but still a ways away from being able to use with MySensors.
    The Nano BLE board are based on the NRF52840. MySensors supports NRF5 chips, but through an Arduino core by Sandeep Misrtry ( . That core seems to work with the NRF52840, but only if you restrict yourself to the NRF52832 feature set.

    The new Nano BLE boards come with Arduino cores that support the NRF52840. That is the good news, because there has been no good NRF52840 Arduino support till now. The bad news is that the underlying Nano BLE Arduino core is based on MBED which is completely different than Sandeep's core. I expect it is a significant programming effort to add MySensors support.
    It's well beyond my programming abilities . . . but certainly there are regulars on this site that could do it with given enough time and incentive.

  • @nagelc
    I am not very familiar with the whole Arduino BLE Support situation.

    But looking at these posts:

    But more import this blog by Sandeep Mistry:

    Is it possible that the Arduino Core you are referring to is adapted to support the Nano BLE? Who could check whether this is working?

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    • MySensors is not BLE based. It uses a different proprietary rf mode.
    • nagelc mentioned the previous nrf5 arduino core by sandeep, compatible with MySensors.
      But the new released arduino core you're talking, is based on mbed, it's not MySensors compatible (would need some work, afaik there is no plan for the moment).

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