Reading out Modbus with MySensors

  • Hello MySensors friends,

    In my power cabinet I have placed an energy meter which I read out via Modbus.
    I can read the Modbus via a UBS Stick directly on the controller, this works reasonably well, but with the used domoticz plugin I have to create all the desired registers as separate hardware in domoticz.

    It worked reasonably well, but at some point domoticz got stuck completely, so I switched everything off again.

    Because I still like to be able to read this meter (in addition to my smart meter), I wondered if it is an idea to read out Modbus via a MySensors node, and does anyone have experience with it?
    I have a wired RS485 mysensors network.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hello friend,

    any progress on this ? I plan to buy a power meter and it would be awesome to read it over my existing rs485 mysensors network ?
    can mySensors and modBus protocol coexist on the same physical line ?

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