Arduino Nano Every problem

  • Hi
    Error when compiling a node sketch to Arduino Nano Every :

    xxx\Arduino\libraries\MySensors/MySensors.h:83:2: error: #error Hardware abstraction not defined (unsupported platform)

    If I understand right the old Nano and Every are compatible, just more memory etc in the Every. Is there a change in MySensors library that can be changed to accept the Nano Every ?
    Regards Håkan

  • Mod

    @hakha4 arduino nano every uses an ATMega4809 processor, while the regular nano uses an ATMega328.
    The ATMega4809 isn't explicitly supported by mySensors. The library needs to be modified to support this processor.

  • Ok. Thanks for answer. I have to wait until it is eventually implemented. Could be nice to have bigger sketches in a smaller Arduino compare to Mega
    Regards Håkan

  • I was wondering the kind of modification needed to support ATMEGA4808/4809.
    I have read again the MyConfig.h and MySensors.h, they look quite good.
    Though, there might be some updates to be done in the hal/architecture/AVR folder ..😲

  • Given the chip shortage of ATmega328, would the ATmega4809 architecture support be developed ?
    The advantages of Arduino Nano Every is undeniable for non-battery-supplied nodes

  • I bought the Every because it implied it was backward compatible with the nano. No, it's not, as we found out.

    Be that as it may, any word on a getting the Every working with mySensors?

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