Power saving latching relays

  • I would like to explore the topic of the power saving potential of embedded processing in concert with available or custom design latching relays.

    If you are knowledgeable in the subject matter the following explanation will be redundant but is essential for all to understand exactly what I am addressing in this topic.

    The first thing to know is that latching relays save power. The typical relay of usual design consumes a known amount of power in one of its two states and to save power the designer estimates which of the two states is predominant and designs accordingly. In contrast, a latching relay only consumes power when switching which can mean an energy savings of as much as 99.9 percent!

    Secondly, there are a number of well-known issues when using a latching relay. The primary two (it seems) are "the power on state" and "safety" issues.

    The two behaviors can be identified by asking these two questions:

    1. What is to happen if the power fails and is restored on the "coil" side?
    2. What is to happen if the power fails and is restored on the "contact" side?

    With this background on the table, I would pose these questions:
    Q1. What (if any) commercially available latching relays are there that have these listed characteristics?

    1. In physical form are identical to "normal" relays.
    2. In function are identical to "normal" relays.
    3. Have incorporated an embedded microprocessor.
    4. Have microswitches on the "outside case" to specify the desired behavior, and
    5. Are similar in price to "normal" relays.

    Q2. Would designers specify such a "relay" if it were available?

    Q3. Does anyone know of a "killer app" that could finance such a device?

    Q4. Who could help develop and market such a device?

    Final comment. I would like to contribute to make something like this a reality. Please see my resume at https: // www.linkedin.com /in /waynesalhany.

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