Hi everyone newbish question here

  • Hi everyone. So I installed MyController on my LINUX server(not a RPI, a repurposed PC which also shares my network file system) So I am wanting to us MySensors and Arduinos with Ethernet shields as my nodes. Now I dont know if this question is appropriate here or for the mycontroller forum, but I am wondering, do I need a gateway if I want to use ethernet to communicate to MC? It looks like gateway is needed for a RF link to the MC, but I am not planning on using RF, due to the excessive saturation of RF I already have in my home with my career, hobby, etc(Land Mobile Radio Service Tech) and I wanted a more concrete connection unaffected by enviromentals as much as possible(my entire network infrastructure is on extended runtime UPS, plus eventually a generator, which I hope to also control off MC)

    My ultimate goal I'm planning on:
    Sump Pump Runtime logging
    High Water/Sump Fail notification with email trigger
    Power Failure Event Notification
    Semi Automatic Transfer Switch Control and Status
    Generator Control and Status
    Hardwired Fire/Smoke/CO Detector Trigger and Email/SMS Notify
    Oil Fired Boiler Control/Status/Emergency Shutdown
    Oil tank level indication with email notify on low level
    Critical Network Infrastructure Up/Down via Ping/SNMP Traps with email notify
    Integration into Samsung SmartThings Platform(FUTURE, possibly) or potentially completely migrating all smarthome devices to MC

    My overall goal is to build this out to allow me to reach my critical home infrastructure while i am not at home. I work for a company where on short notices i work long hours, and that leaves my wife home(who I love, but is clueless on what/how/when to do things when things fail)

    ( I crossposted this to MC Forum)

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    Welcome to the community @fdlou147 !

    If you want to use MySensors, you'll need to use gateways only. One gateway per device probably.

    It is not a scenario MySensors is designed for, but it can be done.

    An alternative is to use rs485 (wired) communication.

  • @mfalkvidd thank you yeah cause my eventual plan is to run power over Ethernet and power all the arduino's over POE and then that way expand off the arduino's that way. While RS485 is okay I figured I'm already going to be piping Ethernet through the house anyway so just add on to that. But I can run multiple gateways running back to my controller though correct, and then just disable the line of code in my sensors that enables the RF side?

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    @fdlou147 yes exactly

  • @fdlou147
    Ethernet ( with POE ) is very very expensive way to connect your sensors.
    Look for prices 24port switches with POE for example.
    And 24 nodes is not enough....

  • @kimot Yeah, but mainly this is more proof of concept. If this platform works for what I am trying to accomplish, I may just go mesh and start migrating to mysensors/mycontroller

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