Ethernet shield help

  • Hi all, Ive been trying to get this ethernet shield and wireless radio working for a while and keep getting 0;0;3;0;9;check wires. I've got a Arduino Mega with a Wiznet shield plugged in and as a pair they work fine. (tested with the webserver example).

    I've tried following the instructions on building an ethernet gateway but cant seem to find a conclusive wiring guide. I currently have my radio powered separately with 3.3V and the arduino/shield with 5V.
    And now im lost as to how to connect up the radio. On the build page it says to enable soft SPI in RF24_config.h file. But the pins in the file are 14, 15 & 16 for SCK, MO & MI. These arent mentioned anywhere on the build page? Do I need to enable soft SPI if im using an ethernet shield? If i dont I still get the same problem using A0, A1 and A2 as it says.
    If anyone has a working mega and Wiznet shield I'd love to know the wiring config. Thanks all! Cant wait to get building...
    (Oh and planning on using a vera once I get it working)

  • @blutak I went through this the other day

    yes you need to enable softSPI. I had to pull the latest code from github (I had been using mysensors) in order to get it working. Once I did that and wired it up like the wiki suggests it worked fine.

  • Ive tried it with SoftSPI and uploading using arduino software 1.6.0 but still no luck?

  • Ive also just tried it on an arduino Uno and im still getting check wires.

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