Ethernet gateaway with wemos D1 (ESP8266)

  • Hallo,
    this is my first post.
    I learned a lot of facts about the project.
    But I didn`t found the a sketch for this set:
    An ethernet-gateaway with wemos d1 as arduino/radio in combination with an ethernet shield or modul.
    The example-sketch for ethernet-gateaway gives you only a choice between _RFM69, NRF24 ore RS485.
    I would like to take the D1 with ESP8266 as the receiver for the nodes.
    Anybody any idea?
    Thank you in advance.

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    It should be possible to create a WiFi ESP8266 Gateway using the WeMos D1.

    Start from here ->

    Seems like the pinout of the NodeMCU is similar to the WeMos but to be sure you could check from here ->

    Hope this helps

  • Thank You very much.
    But this is not, what I am looking for.
    It should be an ETHERNET-Gateaway, which uses the radio of the WeMos D1 and the "arduino in it" for connecting an ethernet-modul.

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    I do not understand why you would connect an external Ethernet module to a WiFi enabled device. The radio module onboard the WeMos cannot form a MySensors network you need an nRF24L01p or an RFM69 to do this.

  • Exactly this is my problem.
    You can make nodes with the WeMos like with the two mentioned radios.
    I had the idea, why not make an ethernet-gateaway with ESP8266 instead of an arduino with nRF24L01 and all the soldering?
    If not than not.
    Thank you very much.

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    You can of course connect your sensors and actuators directly to the WeMos an use the ESP8266 Gateway sketch with locally attached sensors, then you do not need a Ethernet module or any other radio module. You use the WiFi on WeMos to connect your device to your controller.

  • Hallo once more,
    Im sorry about my mode of expression. Ill try it again, because there was someone else interested in this idea.
    I want to connect all the nodes to an ESP8266 as radio and arduino.
    At this esp I want to connect a LAN-modul e.g. W5100 for connecting my LAN.
    All the ethetnet-gateaways here have an extra Radio-Modul for connecting the nodes, an arduino and a LAN-Modul.
    Is there anybody who can modify one of the sketches ?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Did you mean to have all the sensor nodes running on ESP8266 and the whole system communicate via WiFi with the gateway?

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    @duocyber said:

    Did you mean to have all the sensor nodes running on ESP8266 and the whole system communicate via WiFi with the gateway?

    Not exactly. Yes all sensors nodes would run on ESP8266 modules but they would connect directly to the Controller via WiFi.
    This is possible as long as the controller supports multiple Gateways since you should have the Gateway code (with local sensors) on each ESP8266.

  • Hallo,
    Here I am again.
    My question is still the same:
    Can one use an ESP8266 instead of an arduino plus radio?
    Not via wifi but exactly as when as I use an arduino with some radio.
    I know, that all the experts until now wrote, as a gateaway: yes.
    But you need a present WLan then.
    For a rf24 you need no WLan.
    Did anybody succeed in programming the ESP8266 in the way, that it behaves like an arduino with rf24 connected?
    So you could save a lot of time soldering and searching mistakes.

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