1 Node with 2 Names Resolved !

  • this is the issue as I see it.
    I have my sensors up and running and all seems to be ok so far as I know.
    I have node 3 which is a temp/hum sensor created off a UNO, called node 3 and two children.
    Trying for a while now to get repeater node ready for distance.
    After including new repeater, with mini pro, a node 3 repeater is created but children remain labled as original and report back to the vera with correct readings.
    Pressing reset on UNO will revert node back to Humidity node and repressing reset on repeater results in repeater node .

    So two things conflict on one node which I am running out of ideas and probably creation of repeater node (which would happen I think if conflict disappears.)
    I am not ready yet I believe to use the new GUI that @tekka has presented.

    ![Screenshot (32).png](/uploads/upload-ae60dc1b-7cf1-47ea-86d2-986cb02f909Screenshot (33).png 7.png)
    Screenshot (35).png

    I have included the code from serial screen when it changes from Hum 3 to Rep3

  • Screenshot (32).png
    Screenshot (33).png

    These are the two screen shots of the node as it changes in the vera3

  • I have seen in Development threads @pit007 asked question similar to mine under thread called change node id so I will see if this will help me by trying to manually change the node id number of the repeater node . More on this later.

  • By implementing this eeprom fix my node issues were resolved. : )