home Assistant and OTA support and node to node

  • I am reconsidering a replacement for Domoticz because I experienced problems since I updated. I have to restart anyway.
    I have some new pcb's ready to be soldered for new light dimmers. All in a nice moment to reconsider. I would like some assistance if home Assistant is good for me or there is an easier route. Btw I liked the ease of install with Domoticz.

    • I like the idea of flashing firmware OTA.
      • I found one topic on hass.io that some user made it possible in 2018, but is it really integrated?
      • Can I use HomeAssistant on a linux install while maintaining firmware on windows with myscontroller?
    • I think I want some node to node communication in case the controller fails.
      • For now, just for the lightswitches.

  • Hi @Joerideman! I'm using HA and FOTA. I'ts not integrated but If you move to a MQTT GW there is a workaround.

    You can install mycontrolller.org only for FOTA, following this post instructions

    I posted the result of my FOTA journey with my setup in this other thread.

    BTW, moving from a WIFI GW to a MQTT GW was totally painless with HA, I just replaced the MySensors GW in HA configuration.yaml and every sensor was visible from HA. The only downside was that the node ID has to be manually assigned with MQTT and, if you was using AUTOID, all the sketches must be updated. The good news is that the ID lives in the EEPROM and survives reboots.

    happy hacking.

  • @MatiasV that is great news.

    I have tried to install HA on a raspbian desktop. But installing hassio is a bit of a pain then.

    I am not really satisfied right now.

    But after I get my FOTA working, I will try again.

  • @MatiasV BTW why did you switch to mqtt? The wifi GW accepts multiple connections.

  • @Joerideman said in home Assistant and OTA support and node to node:

    @MatiasV BTW why did you switch to mqtt? The wifi GW accepts multiple connections.

    I was experiencing problems when starting the HA "server" (AKA Old laptop) and GW, or while the WIFI was temporary off for any cause. We had some rough weeks with our electricity company.

    The GW would disconnect from HA and I had to restart the GW or sometimes even HA to get it working again.
    It was a mayor headache while I was out of the house, the MQTT GW is way more reliable for me.

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