Advice needed

  • Hello All

    I am in need of some advice, for a expansion of my setup.

    My current setup is as follows.

    Temp/Moist node--RPI Gateway--Node Red--InfluxDB--Grafana Dashboard.

    Now what I want to do is, when temp on node 1 is higher than XX and the time is between this and that.
    Activate relay on node 2 for x amount of time.

    My questions is how would I go about to setup this up.
    Can it be done within the MySensor network or should I do it in node-red?

    Any advice is welcome

  • There are 2 ways of doing this.

    First is to have a 'dumb' node that sends data to the controller. Then the controller decides if the relay has to be on or off and sends a signal to make it happen. This is how many systems work.

    The down side to this is that if the gateway becomes unavailable or the controller crashes, the relay state will not change.

    Personally I prefer to make the node as smart as possible, collecting data, doing calaculations and performing actions while sending the results to the controller for display. The controller can still send commands to the node but if the gateway or controller fail the realy will still operate as expected.

    You could even have the nodes request/send data to each other to confirm the status of the realy or anything else for that matter. That's really a third option 😉

    So I would approch it by haing node 1 get temp, send to controller and node 2. Have node 2 decide on realys status, switch relay and inform node 1 and controller of the status change. I am sure you can think of variations on this as well because you know best how you want things to work.

  • @skywatch Thanks for the advice.
    I think I will go for the option of sending the data from node to node.

    Funny thing though, this feature of node to node is the first time I am hearing of it, but after some forum search, I can see it's been about for a while, this open up a whole new level of complexity for my sensor network 🙂

  • Yes the node to node is very handy sometimes. Make sure to send any data and changes to the controller too so that everything is in sync. Good luck!

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