SensorOcean, new IoT platform. Join our beta testing.

  • Hello makers,

    We have developed a new IoT platform that is compliant with the MySensors solutions and can be used as a free-of-charge online controller for the MySensors edge devices.

    Besides being a controller, the platform provides features to make your IoT prototypes a complete application with features such as automation, data gathering, visualization, sharing, and so on.

    Our idea is to present a platform that provides free support to IoT makers, enough to prototype your IoT solution or make a home do-it-yourself project. Therefore, we provide all registered users with a basic free-of-charge account. With that account, you can create up to 5 networks of sensors, i.e. five gateways with as many connected sensors as you need, and process up to 250,000 records from sensors a month.

    Also, we provide the possibility to purchase extra packages to create more networks and process a bigger volume of records. Our pricing approach is based on the “pay-as-you-go” principle. i.e. you pay for a service before you use it, and you cannot use more than you have accepted or paid for. That means you always control your expenses should you decide to go beyond the free account.

    The beta version system is available and we are continuously developing and improving the platform. We would like to invite early DIY IoT makers to join us on this stage, use our platform, and help us with your valuable feedback and ideas.

    Again, the basic account is absolutely free, now and after going live! Besides, we will provide a bonus to every early user who participated in the beta testing should you decide to use our extra packages.

    Log in to a demo account to familiarise yourself with our platform:
    username: demo1
    password: sensorocean

    If interested, please, send us a message at, tell us a few words about your IoT project, and we will get back to you with a redeem code that you can use in the registration process.

    Thank you,
    SensorOcean Team

  • Banned

    My lab partners think we should use the center of the 1st gaussian as the real peak, because the presence of the second peak influences the position of the first within the data as in, we aren't talking about the fitted-function, we are talking about the data points themselves.

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