raspberrry pi 4 + rf24 receives data from arduino + rf24

  • Hello!

    I have a Raspberry Pi 4 with a nrf24l01 module connected that has to receive data (temperature measured by a DHT) from an Arduino that also has a nrf24l01 connected to it. I want to implement it to Openhab, but first I am trying to see in the terminal if the connection is ok - currently it fails (it doesn’t receive any data). Here are the steps I have taken.

    I have connected the Arduino to the nrf24l01 module and to a DHT sensor as it follows:

    nrf24l01             Arduino Uno
    GND                    GND
    CE                       pin 4
    SCK                     pin 13
    MISO                   pin 12
    VCC                     3.3V
    CSN                     pin 2
    MOSI                   pin 11
    IRQ                      to nothing

    The code on the Arduino is:

    // Enable debug prints
    #define MY_DEBUG
    // Enable and select radio type attached 
    #define MY_RADIO_RF24
    //#define MY_RADIO_RFM69
    //#define MY_RS485
    // Enable serial gateway
    #include <SPI.h>
    #include <MySensors.h>  
    #include <DHT.h>
    // Set this to the pin you connected the DHT's data pin to
    #define DHT_DATA_PIN 3
    #define DHTTYPE DHT11
    // Sleep time between sensor updates (in milliseconds)
    // Must be >1000ms for DHT22 and >2000ms for DHT11
    static const uint64_t UPDATE_INTERVAL = 60000;
    #define CHILD_ID_TEMP 2
    float lastTemp;
    uint8_t nNoUpdatesTemp;
    bool metric = true;
    MyMessage msgTemp(CHILD_ID_TEMP, V_TEMP);
    void presentation()  
      // Send the sketch version information to the gateway
      sendSketchInfo("Temperature", "1.1");
      // Register all sensors to gw (they will be created as child devices)
      present(CHILD_ID_TEMP, S_TEMP);
    void setup()
    void loop()      
      // Get temperature from DHT library
      float temperature = dht.readTemperature();
      send(msgTemp.set(temperature, 1));
      // Sleep for a while to save energy

    The wiring scheme for the Raspberry Pi 4 is:

    I have followed the instructions at https://www.mysensors.org/build/raspberry with the following configurations:
    --my-gateway=serial --my-serial-is-pty —my-serial-port=/dev/ttyMySensorsGateway

    I have build the gateway but when I test it with sudo ./bin/mysgw I get the following error message:


    Do you know what may cause the error? I am relatively new and I didn’t try debugging it yet.


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    Welcome to the forum @Stoica-Andreea

    TSM INIT TSP FAIL means that the Raspberry Pi is unable to talk to the nrf24. Double/triple-check the wiring. If you can't find anything wrong, post photos from multiple angles and we'll try to spot the problem. An extra pair of eyes can often help.

    Also try to switch the nrf24. It could be broken.

    If you haven't already, see https://forum.mysensors.org/topic/666/read-this-first-it-could-save-you-a-lot-of-time/ for the most common problems and how to troubleshoot them efficiently.

  • Thanks a lot for the reply! It was very useful. After debugging I came to the conclusion that one of the nrf24 modules was faulty.

  • I have replaced de nrf24 sensors and I managed to get the right message for testing:
    Screenshot 2020-10-27 at 18.26.04.png

    I am confused because I have read a lot of posts and I couldn't find a clear answer.
    I want to use the rpi as the gateway without connecting a controller via the usb port. Still, I have used ./configure with the serial gateway tags as explained in this tutorial https://www.mysensors.org/build/raspberry because I have read that the port can be virtual and it doesn't need a controller connected to the rpi. The mysgw.service is up and running at every boot of the rpi.

    I am working with openhab and I need to display the measured values on the web site. Here is the debug window for openhab.Screenshot 2020-10-28 at 15.07.38.png

    Do you have any suggestions or tutorials I can follow?

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    @Stoica-Andreea In an earlier post, you said that you had set the name of the serial port to /dev/ttyMySensorsGateway. The openhab debug window says that it tries to open /dev/ttyAMA0. The gateway and openhab need to use the same name.

  • @mfalkvidd I have renamed it to /dev/ttyAMA0

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