Battery powered Pro Mini - Si7021 loses connection with gateway after ~6hrs

  • Hi all,

    I'm running a Pro Mini on 1Mhz with a Si7021 sensor on 2x AA NiMh batteries (~3.6V). It all works fine for around 6hrs before it loses connection with the gateway it seems. It doesn't update anymore which results in a flatline in Home Assitant. Upon pressing the physical reset button on the Pro Mini everything goes back to normal; Temp/Hum are reported accurately every minute. The mysgw.log does not show anything strange, it just stops showing data from the specific node. I ran the Pro Mini on a steady 5V input which resulted in the exact same behaviour. Other than changing the freq. the hardware of the Pro Mini remains unchanged.

    What can be the problem? How can I make sure it doesn't lose connection.

  • Mod

    Looking at the debug log for the node and the gateway is probably the quickest path towards a solution.

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