Read the Digoo DG-R8H temp/humidity sensor

  • Hi there all,
    I know that usually all the node is maked by DIY... and there is some that are really greate.

    But before knowing MySensore I have bought 8 pieces of Digoo DG-R8H sensors.
    This one are really nice at less than 4 Euro. But have not display 😞

    I make it work using OpenMqttGateway but I want to try the MySensors also if possible.
    So is there anyone that have use this sensors please ?

    Thanks all

  • Mod

    @DenisJ these sensors are not compatible with mysensors. You can however setup a separate mysensors network and run these at the same time.

  • Yes in the mean time I understand that MySensor have all the personalized ask/answer structure.
    But I still study cause I like much this type of home network.

    Anyway maybe there can be a personalized gateway part only for the incompatible sensors.
    I'll try to study it when I'll be more "old" in this 🙂

    Thanks a lot for the answer

  • @DenisJ have you still got these sensors. Thanks

  • @barrymoules Hi there,
    yes I still have about 8 of this sensors, but I don't use it anymore.
    It's not work with MySensors... only with OpenMqttGateway (or maybe else software)
    If you need it I can send you 8 of this sensors
    Obviously we make a less price then the official (and if you are in Europe for shipping cost).


  • @DenisJ yes I will take them , please send me your email so we can arrange this

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