How to learn how computers and hardware works from a low level?

  • I'm interested in computer science but also the engineering (hardware) side of it. I found the website teachyourselfcs(.com), the courses nand2tetris and CS50 and the youtube Channel beneater. If I were to learn from these resources, would I know how computers work, and technology in general? What other resources do you recommend? I am also interested in cybersecurity, do you maybe know some resource which is focused on how computers work from a cybersecurity perspective?


  • @robert022 I suggest taking a trip to the local library and looking at books there or taking them home to study. A good bookshop might also be an option to look through books that you like the style of.

    Check your local college to see if there are any evening courses that might help and I suggest going to talk to the person teaching the course and explaining what you want before signing up. They are usually very helpful and can give better guidance.

    Internet is also a good place to learn, it is also a big place too so finding exactly what you are looking for may take a little time.

    Finally are there any clubs or 'maker' groups in your area? If so again talk to them before joining to see if it is going to meet your requirements.

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    @robert022 Learn how to program in assembly language if you want a low level perspective. Lower than that you'll be building circuits!

  • Do yourself a favor and look up Ben Eater on Youtube.. Ben has a series of videos explaining computers starting at the digital logic gates and builds a complete but minimalistic microprocessor out of simple logic chips, and then walks through writing a small program (the computer only has a few bytes of RAM!) Then, he also has another series that expands upon this and uses 80's era parts which are still available to build a simple computer with more capability. Best of all, he sells kits that you can get to "play along" and build with him. The videos are amazing for a beginner or an experienced viewer. I've been a computer geek since the very early 80s and yet I really had no idea what the "microcode" in a CPU did until watching these videos. He explains things so well!

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    I know it's a bit late reply xd. You could watch Ben Eater on YouTube. He has build a breadboard computer and explains how it works. He explains it great.

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