RFID Garage Opener

  • Hello everybody,

    i build a RFID garage opener as mysensors node.

    On the inside we have a arduino nano + 2-relay module from china + Adafruit Breakout Board for RFM69HCW (+5V). Everything is prepared to add a potentiometer to get the position of the garage door.
    I have an issue with the range. The gateway is on the same level (basement) just two walls away and i get no connection. In the same room everything works. After one wall i start to loose packages. So the mysensor part is not in use. Till now everybody enjoys the main function: Opening the garage with a RFID-tag.

    On the outside is the RC522 RFID part. And two LEDs with the transistor to switch the power. it looks so badly because forgot somehow about this part and had no space left.

    The housing fits to the existing lock and screw points. I made the design in freecad.
    I am still working on the design 😉 i already made a bigger and nicer version. But during the winter at cold temperatures gets the plate a bad warp. I am thinking to make a steel plate with just the RFID-part under plastic.

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